Why I am considering to leave Medium

Rik Coeckelbergs
2 min readAug 15, 2023

This may not be the best title to stimulate the machine promoting my blog, but here we go.

Yes, I am considering leaving the platform. Leaving Medium would help focus on less, increasing productivity and avoiding frustration.

Most of you see the Medium newsletters with suggestions for new blogs and reading material. Many are about successful writing, tips and tricks to get more out of Medium and how to make a living on the platform.

I have published 279 posts since my start October 28, 2018, and paid the membership. I don’t think in total, I earned one year back from all the posts.

The followings grew about when I started following people that followed back, but the actual return in reading was minimal to zero, so I stopped that.

If they used external platforms for information sharing, most people in the payments and banking space switched to Substack for some reason.

The result is that, in most cases, in the niche of innovation, payments and banking, you are preaching in a desert on Medium.

The few posts that got many clicks were shared in my LinkedIn Group Innovation in Payments, close to the biggest payments group worldwide, with 73k members. Unfortunately, the paywall prevented most from reading the post, meaning that the 93…



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