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Rik Coeckelbergs
2 min readNov 28, 2022

Originally posted by Chris Skinner, on November 26. As I’m part of the show I thought you might like to read it as well.

Before you watch this week’s show on the biggest, most controversial and WTF stories of #fintechuncut, candid commentary on the biggest #Fintech and #FinancialServices stories of the week that was, how about a little quiz for yourself?

  1. Who is in desperate need of money as a result of the collapse of #FTX? #crypto
  2. Stephanie Ferris, FIS’s new CEO, hit the news this week. What did she announce? #fintechnews
  3. Fill in the missing name in the following quote: “In some companies, the founder is a bad person, toxic … that’s not XXX . He’s just a machine. He has no EQ and that leads to a high friction culture”. #neobanks
  4. A recent prediction in FT saw another potential Kodak scenario victim. Who was it? #disruption
  5. After Nirvana Money last week, we saw another organisation cancelling itself. Who was it? #cancelculture
  6. Who received a statue this week by their fans for all the lovely work done they’ve done? #dogecoin

You can find all the answers here:

By watching or listening, you’ll also learn how we made it the most controversial session so far.



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